On Dragons, Puzzles & Former Friends in Second Life

Cape Ekim (moderate)

Until yesterday I would have told you that Dmom2k Darwin↑ was one of those terrific people in Second Life you feel lucky to meet.  Smart, friendly, talented and a really good person to know.  As of now I’ve concluded she’s one of those deceptively nice individuals hiding a mean streak a mile wide.  (I can hear her cackling off in the distance as I write this!)

My realization of her true nature came after she sent me a message.  She had found an interesting location, Cape Ekim↑, with a hidden underground build but couldn’t find the entrance – would I please let her know how to get inside.

Cape Ekim (moderate)

When I went to investigate I found myself on a lighthouse in a park on the edge of a Linden Homes development.  At the top of the structure is a book with some clues written on it – they seemed straight forward so I went to track down the solution to the puzzle.

The first thing I realized is that there’s a hill near by – well at first glance it’s a hill.  When you look closer you realize it’s actually a dragon and one of the clues convinces you that the entrance to the secret lair involves the beast.  In fact I spent so much time getting up close and personal with this giant creature – climbing inside, on and around – in an earlier century I would be forced to marry him.

Cape Ekim (moderate)

After an extended period of fruitless searching I gave up and cheated.  I won’t tell you how, it’s enough humiliation to have to admit I chose this route without revealing the full extent of my misdeeds.

Once inside I encountered a #&)%@) puzzle door.  I used vocabulary that would have made that Linden Mole’s hair spontaneously combust if he had been within 10,000 meters.  I tried – I really, really tried.  I failed and wound up cheating once again.  All of this I blame on Dmom and the fact that I felt I owed it to you, Dear Reader, to find out what you might be searching for should you choose to follow this path.

Cape Ekim (moderate)

I know that you all will be able to out-think the Mole.  Unlike me you will look at the clues, interpret them correctly and solve the puzzle.  Once you do you will find yourself in a large cavern with a detailed backstory, cool gifts and the opportunity to lord over this small kingdom and the dragon hoard.

There are a number of reasons I wind up exploring on my own.  One of them is that I don’t have to embarrass myself within chat range of anybody – if no one is looking I keep my shame to myself.  I am admitting to you that I cheated (you won’t) but at least I know you didn’t actually watch me spend forever running around like an idiot.  It’s small comfort but I’m clinging to it.  I’m also working on a sufficiently evil way to repay Dmom for this experience.

Cape Ekim (moderate)
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  1. Cackle, cackle…..

  2. Oh this place sounds interesting!


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