Frigid Dreams in Second Life – A World of Ice

Arctica Dreams (moderate)

I’ve tried over the past few years to work on my photography – I’ve managed to improve a lot, if I go back to look at my early attempts, but there are three subject areas that work hard to convince me I should just give up.

The first is avatar portraits (so you don’t see many from me), the second is anything underwater and the third is ice.  The latter is problematic when I really want to share Rebeca Bashly’s exhibit at Per4mance MetaLES↑ this month.  She is, after all, an artist I associate primarily with her ice sculptures.

Arctica Dreams (moderate)

Arctica Dreams↑ is a sim-sized block of ice with a frigidly beautiful world carved inside.  Set your environment to midnight (I tried a few different ones for these pics) to explore and enjoy this magical installation.

You will be able to wander through mysterious caverns and around a ruined structure and see images and sculptures and the effect of light through frozen water.

Arctica Dreams (moderate)

Ux Hax, Lanjran Choche and Romy Nayar are the event promoters and they always, in my experience, encourage and bring out the best in the artists they invite every month.  This exhibit is a great example.

I knew in advance that I would be heading to the Arctic so I dressed appropriately (putting on extra layers under my Santa kilt) but I also suggest you find some warm boots with good traction.  You don’t want to slip and fall into the coldest looking waves I’ve ever seen.

Arctica Dreams (moderate)

Give yourself enough time to seek out all the corners/corridors/aspects of this art.  Rebeca’s work with light and texture is phenomenal – even if I can’t achieve a half decent image.  I’ll go back and practice some more.  :)

These may be pixels and it might just be something you look at on your computer screen – but it is so effective that the chill will reach you in the physical world.  Once you’ve been able to appreciate the scope of what she has achieved I suggest you head for something tropical.  It will take a while for you to thaw but this is well worth any discomfort.

Arctica Dreams (moderate)
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  1. Cool post Honour! thanx!
    Great Job to the Rebeca Bashly True!
    Smiles , and Merry Christmas :]

  2. Aka Aya

     /  December 21, 2011

    All your teleports in this post guide to Mysterious Wave (from your previous blogpost). Teleport to MetaLES is this:

    A good WL setting for ice is “[TOR] NIGHT – Brighter”

    I love your blog! Thank you for all your effort!

  1. Rebeca Bashly’s Arctica Dreams at MetaLes « Nordanomjorden's Blog

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