Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Gets a Mini Gift in Second Life

No I didn’t get any exploring done yesterday (or so far today).  I did finish a build which was important and that feels good. This undersized post is about something else that happened.

Some of my favourite memories involve music and being part of an adhoc group.  There was the time Crap included me in a kick line of Ruths behind a singer on Paisley’s show.  Then there was the spontaneous outburst of Thriller dancers at Prad’s club one night and one fantastic event involved being a member of the chorus line for Von Johin when he launched his album.  They don’t happen often but I treasure them.

One of the very special aspects of this time of year are the choirs of diminutive Tinies who appear in various venues and sing carols.  Nothing but nothing brings smiles to as many faces as those adorable wee beings and their warped lyrics.

A friend of mine invited me to join those petite choristers for a brief concert. (I’m still grinning!)  It was short notice but I santa-fied my small deep sea diver and ran over there as fast as I could.  It was magic.

I really really need to spend some time creating my Tiny “me” but in spite of my avatar’s shortcomings I got a fabulous gift from the little ones this season.  Being part of that experience brightened my whole winter.  Thank you Bo! :)

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  1. Lyrilen Moonshadow

     /  December 19, 2011

    They ARE wonderful. And your tinie is adorable.


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