Elevating Your Mood in Second Life

It’s now one of my favourite things to do inworld.  I open the Map, type in LEA↑ and then teleport to one of the sims based on nothing more than whim.  So far I have been rewarded totally out of proportion to the effort required to make the journey.

The first thing I saw on LEA22↑ when I arrived was a village with tiny suns floating overhead – as the suns moved the light struck the buildings from different angles and altered the town’s appearance in a  fashion irresistible to this wanna-be photographer.

When I increased my view distance the large figure appeared as well as more of another extraordinary build by Artistide Despres.  I know parts of this installation have appeared elsewhere – one tiny portion of it won an award at the UWA Challenge↑ and the city scape↑ that took my breath away is also included.

What I loved is that it all feels complete somehow.  It’s “right”, as if we were only given tantalizing glimpses before.  I could easily be wrong and if somebody gives Artistide six sims we’ll discover that the vision is even larger – but one sim has resulted in something phenomenal.

My visit to LEA22 this morning triggered an internal consideration of the concept of “joy”.  I realized as I started to look around that this was the closest I could come to defining my feelings – it was brief and settled back down but, for even that one moment, I experienced something I think is all too rare.

“Content” is my most normal state and I try not to accept less than that (lol and no it’s not entirely up to me).  Every now and then I can honestly claim “happy” – but joy I’ve felt only a few times in my life for any prolonged period of time.

Maybe this explains why I spend so much time exploring the grid.  I’m a “joy” junky looking for a micro-second long fix. :)

Whatever the reason, there are huge benefits to my psyche when I land somewhere like LEA22↑.  Do you think, if I wish hard enough, I could be Artistide Despres when I grow up?  No.  Me either.  Go visit and see what this artist is sharing with us – if you’re like me it will elevate your mood and make those around you wonder why you’re smiling.

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