Far from Balance in Second Life

Yesterday’s post was full of colour so when I saw the latest great photo by Lizzy Ames↑ it looked like a sim that would provide a nice contrast.  I swtiched from my favourite to the recommended windlight setting and wound up in a fabulous world of primarily grey scale.

Loin des equilibres↑ (which I will loosely translate as “far from balance”) is a deceptively minimalist build and one which gives you an opportunity to get lost in a dream-like landscape and rediscover the surprising joy of the subtle.

It’s grey and dreary in my physical world – I could only wish that the landscape outside my window was as ethereal and magical as this.

The sim owners, Cherry Manga & Onan de Bruges, have included a number of notes here and there – I won’t attempt to translate them all (or correct Google Translate) but the one I found most compelling refers to an internal carnival which circles around various aspects of personal identity.

Birds and wings and gauze surround characters who balance precariously and even a beating heart.  Few things are straight forward however, the two-headed heron hides in the flowers but is watching you.

I’m always impressed that artists can reveal themselves to us this openly.  I often miss the references used but the emotion is always clear.  Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I have an emotional reaction – I hope it’s the one intended.

Take some time from your day and go visit Loin des Equilibres↑.  We’re all dealing with internal journeys of discovery (yes, even at my advanced age).  You might find an image that crystallizes something in your own mind.

I love the variety and scope of places inworld.  I feel privileged to be allowed to visit the works of these artists and builders. Every now and then I’ll decide to take a day away from my camera button and then see something like this build and my slider/clicking finger gets twitchy – I hope you take advantage of what’s available to experience on the grid. Even pixels have power. :)

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  1. Cate Storymoon

     /  December 18, 2011

    Wonderous, Honour… I am the proud possessor of an awesome internal carnival. Awesome in the true sense of the word “awe”… numinous, powerful, at times frightening, transporting, inspiring, and never ever boring. Thank you, Gentle Tour Guide. Blessings on your head and heart.

  2. Cate Storymoon

     /  December 21, 2011

    Just part of our friendly service Ma’am! =)

  3. Cherry Manga

     /  January 10, 2012

    Thank you Honour for this clever post illustrated with beautiful photos. I would like to mention that the owner is Elio Poleni, aka Alain Béhar who created a theater piece named “Até”, I built Loin des equilibres under his directions to have an interactive space used in the RL piece, and we experiment events in second life on the sim where the RL piece can be seen and heard too in real time.

    • Cool! Thank you – I do try to do enough research to get the background to sites but I fail to do an adequate job far too often. I appreciate the info!!!!

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