Wherein the Intrepid Explorer finds Something New to Love about Samurai in Second Life

Matsumoto Castle (moderate)

Matsumoto Castle (also known as the Crow Castle↑) is a national treasure in Japan and is home to the Keibatsu Samurai Clan in Second Life.  This is a CSI (Competitive [Cooperative] Story Interaction Game) & Roleplay region but it’s easy to visit out of character.

I’m sure when the Samurai are training or in the throws of a tournament there is much noise and excitement (not to mention the possibility of blood) but today it was quiet and serene.

Matsumoto Castle (moderate)

To those of us from different cultures the Samurai↑ are exotic and (to some) romantic figures.  What I’ve always admired is the amount of artistry displayed.  Their armour – at least the finer examples we see – is stunning.  The metal work and design deserve the attention they get in galleries and museums.

The attention to detail that you expect is evident in this region’s build and the beauty of simplicity is everywhere.

Matsumoto Castle (moderate)

I am a long admitted texture freak and this sim is a banquet.  The layout lends itself to large scale drama yes but also small vignettes of beauty.

I’m rhapsodizing I know but I needed this calm escape today and Matsumoto Castle↑ satisfied me completely.

Matsumoto Castle (moderate)

For those of you who have followed my adventures for a while the next bit will make sense. If you’re new to this blog just take my word for it – this was a big deal.

The best part about visiting Matsumoto Castle↑ – again, a role playing sim involving armed warriors – was that nobody killed me.  I emerged unscathed.  Samurai are my new heroes. :)

Matsumoto Castle (moderate)
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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words;-) I wanted to tell you we have some new additions to our sims. Please visit the Harusaki Onsen located on Japan Chubu and the new Harbour at Japan Kansai;-) Please feel at home while you are with us.

    Kind regards,


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