2nd Libations, Reconstituting Humanity in Second Life

2nd Libations (moderate)

The great cosmic storm swept up the last of Earth’s water molecules. On the lifeless planet, the only remaining intelligence flickers on computer screens. In the absence of human maintenance, bot scipters, bot artists, and bot teachers scramble to rescue their resources before the impending threat of blackout.
Like the sorcerer’s apprentice, they begin flooding their world by rezzing buckets of virtual water, in the hope of rehydrating their users. Their strategy appears to be failing. Not having been programmed for an unforeseen event of this magnitude, the bots plea for your solution in securing their virtual world.
The Second Libations await your offering. Your participation in the ritual is eagerly anticipated.

2nd Libations (moderate)

This is a dazzling installation by Haveit Neox↑. It’s huge and complex and beautiful and you participate. The story is new, the bots are pretty sexy and the images you see are enthralling.

I took dozens and dozens of photos. Normally I would try and give you one which gives a sense of the entire site but I couldn’t produce anything that satisfied me. This time you’ll have to settle for teasers and a video.

2nd Libations (moderate)

I did mention it was huge and complex right?  Haveit does provide instructions and maps. I found the maps near the end of the descent through the first structure (I also found somebody headed in the other direction so I wouldn’t be surprised if you might feel lost for a while).

If you like to just wander that’s possible too – but you might miss something and that would be a shame.

2nd Libations (moderate)

The textures are stunning, the build is fabulous and the experience is one you really don’t want to miss. One thing might be a bit confusing – you start on the surface and go down through the Colossus – then fall in the water, explore there and cross to the temple. This will make more sense once you’re onsite and the journey is worth it! 

Watch this preview and then go participate.  You may be responsible for saving all of our lives. :)

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  1. Cate Storymoon

     /  December 7, 2011

    I am boggled beyond boggle-ability at 2nd Libations. Thank you for blogging about it Honour. Your explorations and photography inspire me. I’ve recently returned to SL after being gone for 2 years (a delighted resident for 3 years). I’m so happy to be back and check your blog daily for my MDR of amazement.

    I did my part to save humanity, and I have a folder with my ritual clothing and umbrella to prove I was there!

    Thank you again….

    • @Cate yay! and isn’t that the coolest umbrella on the grid? plus it has a bot arm to hold it up for you – why did nobody think of that before?

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