Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Uncovers a Major Potential Health Crisis in Second Life

Trusty Old Pink Skin

We can all agree that I’m no fashionista (I’m no beauty queen either but that’s beside the point).  I do love non traditional skins – partly because I think they’re cool and partly because it gets rid of all the issues related to makeup etc., that I have with the “pink” ones.

I’ve been wearing my old “natural” standby more often lately so I thought maybe I should update it.  Buying a new one every three years can’t be seen as frivolous right?  I headed out into the grid to grab as many demos as I could find and then hid myself away to try them on.

Understand I went to some of the big/trendy/fashionable skin stores.  I thought I might as well start with places that didn’t require too much “finding”. I was obviously not paying attention to what I was grabbing – probably because I hate shopping so much and was trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

What I saw when I put on the first demo shocked me to the core.  It was the same with all of dozens of skins I tried.  Each of the many designers I sampled are endangering the health and well-being of Second Life residents!.

I have a pretty big mouth – can’t argue with that. So do I really need collagen?

OMG I look like Joan Rivers after her 93rd face lift!

When did this epidemic sweep the metaverse?  What are they thinking?  Haven’t they seen the dangers↑ of injecting foreign↑ substances into your lips↑?

One designer combined collagen/botox injections with sucked in cheeks – who wants to walk around with giant lips doing kissy face all day?

I’ve railed against barbie boobs and butts that have to enter the room 3 minutes after the rest of you (not accounting for lag) but this is a serious health hazard.  Do you know what it looks like when the shots start to wear off↑?

It’ll be a while before I’m willing to venture out into a skin store again.  I’ll just stick with “trusty old” in the meantime and try to erase the other images from my mind.

Or maybe I’ll go a different direction.  Let’s see somebody try and inject anything into her!

This might be the safest option
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  1. Yes, the “kissing-gourami-fish” thing is definitely catching on in VR, even though “sucky-face” was kind-of petering out in RL.

    • I think we need to take photos of the victims – something to show them months from now when they’re following the newest trend so we can say “you have no judgement, do you really want another fiasco like this one?”

    • SL is always behind RL. People in SL still listen to rock music after all – and that’s 20 years dead. :)

      All them old folks (/hides birthdate).

      The botox thing’s annoying… but not something I can really rag on people over like proportions / scale. Its just bad taste in style – all opinion, no fact.

      There’s a flickr stream for ‘SL women with unique features that are not just the boring everyday folks’ – and its about 50%+ botox frowny faces. ;) Unique exactly like all the other uniquely identical people (that said the group seems to be shifting off that, I guess its editor realized they were clones).

  2. Always told you that metal’s the only way to go.


    • fine – but I’m allergic to rust, so I’ll stick to the newer hygienic kinds unlike some “bucket of bolts” robots I know. :p

  3. (Looking up “ass, bite my” in the dictionary)


  4. Scarp Godenot

     /  December 6, 2011

    Wow, that avatar in the last pic is verrrrry cool! Where did it come from? Who made it?

    • It’s one of the Art Deco ladies by a japanese creator – can’t think of his name right now, I’ll im you when I’m next inworld and can find it. :)

  5. have faith Honour! I’m not a fan of that either – part is shape and part is skin design. And you’d be amazed what the right lipstick will and won’t do to a skin.. :)

  6. The human skin I infrequently use has a bright red lip color and wide lips, but I’d adjusted shape to a grim thin smirk and bought the dull lipstick option for it.

    Tack on a Terminator-2 facial overlay for proper battle damage, and it’s perfect.



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