Oh! and a Tribal Crotch in Second Life

Aerynth (moderate)

I’m starting to think that sleep deprivation is going to become a permanent condition.  Luckily I’m all about character building opportunities.

The good news from your perspective is that I don’t have enough brain cells functioning to produce too much verbiage.

Aerynth (moderate)

The Oh! Studio Mainstore↑ is one of those really cool places you can find interesting even if you’re just window shopping.  Marco has extended the interesting aspects with his landscape which is a lot like visiting a winter painting without all the cliches.

Aerynth (moderate)

He has put out a variety of things to entrance and appeal to those who want to get lost in the wilds for a while.  If you’re finding the whole season exhausting and frantic this is a great place to unwind (and I’d check the store for unique gift ideas).

Aerynth (moderate)

Before I forget, that Tribal Crotch?  I honestly don’t know what it is but, if you’ve been looking for one, this is where you’ll find it.  :)

Aerynth (moderate)
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  1. Its always nice to see places that didn’t so much want a shop in SL, or so they appear, as wanted to make a really neat place, and then realized “hey, I guess I should put a shop here”.


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