A Toast to a New Romance in Second Life

Satis Island (general)

First of all, I did not go all “photo bitch” on this region when I took these pictures.  Honest!  I’m using the windlight settings recommended by the builder.  The sim is dedicated to romance and that always seems to involve pink.

So, two young(er) friends of mine have been doing the pre-mating dance for weeks.  They’ve been driving me crazy missing each other’s signals and misinterpreting each other’s messages.  It got to the point that I wanted to just knock their heads together and tell them to open their eyes already and see what was in front of them.

Satis Island (general)

The penny finally dropped on Friday (/me sighs in relief).  Of course now they’re moving at warp speed in some ways but it’s sweet and they’re happy and so I am too.  I’m also out of the loop as far as communication goes.  I always figure couples need to take care of that themselves.

I also really really don’t want a lot of details on their progress, thank you very much.  One of them is the “son I’ll never have” and some things a mother just doesn’t need to know.

Satis Island (general)

If I was going to give them advice – which I’m not – I’d share a story I heard Jessi Colter tell about her marriage to Waylon Jennings.  Waylon would disappear every now and then for a few weeks.  She had a pretty good idea what he was doing and it would anger and hurt her terribly.  Finally she decided to think of this as “just part of his charm” and accepted it.  They had a long and successful partnership.

I hope for all of us that we meet somebody who can take our most aggravating character flaw and consider it “just part of our charm” (assuming it doesn’t involve anything illegal or offensive).

Satis Island (general)

One last thing.  I know he doesn’t read this blog (the wretch) but the other half of this new couple does.  If you haven’t figured it out yet my friend he’s got a romantic streak a mile wide.

When we’re both surfing youtube and exchanging links we often seem to wind up with the same artists and similar videos.  This is one I know he likes (and yes it’s sad but very pretty).  The rest is up to you two. Long may you be happy together. :)

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