Gobsmacked in Second Life, Part Two

In Part One I introduced you to Artistide (Artee) Despres’ amazing mesh and sound tribute to Occupy Wall Street.  The second exhibit at Split Screen↑ is a completely different approach to the same subject.

D’ailleurs grace au soleil, l’herbe est plus (which loosely translates to “It is thanks to the sun that we have grass”) by Eupalinos (Eupa) Ugajin↑ is a funny, intricate and surreal take on the dual themes of “grass root movement” and “omg they killed my patch of grass”.

In addition to always having the coolest avatars, Eupa might be known to you for his  “thing” with cows↑.   Visiting one of his installations is always an adventure and this one is no exception.  Click on things around you, poke into corners and don’t be surprised if objects seem to have their own agenda or the ground begins to terraform under you.  He hides gifts here and there as well.

When you first arrive you’ll receive a notecard full of spoilers.  As an example:  You just sat on one cube and you are now a Landscape Architect for a few seconds. Are you precise enough to bomb the 1% claiming “This is MY GRASS” below you ?  Try not to read them until after you have explored in ignorance – it’s more sporting that way. *grin*

When I first went to take some photos of this space there were a few others exploring and enjoying the build.  There was also a well known “artiste” who specializes in disruption.  I had taken a young friend with me who kept saying “Isn’t this griefing?”.

I had to explain that well yes it was but of course if you call yourself an artist that somehow excuses what would be considered rude and inconsiderate in others.  He did learn that ignoring her was not only the best thing to do but also, from her perspective, the worst.

Each half of Split Screen reminded me of what I love about Second Life and both of them took away my ability to make speech for a period of time.  Very different but equally superb.  Make sure you have media disabled and sound effects on for Part One.  Change your settings to have streaming media enabled for Eupa’s creation.

I highly highly recommend you go visit these works.  They are current, relevant and extremely well done.  They also highlight the ability of our world to host immersive experiences by very talented people.  We benefit.  Both installations will be available to you throughout the month of December.  Don’t miss them!

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  1. Thanks, Honour! Your insights on Eupa’s piece are particularly good.

  2. @Dividni – I’m sorry I haven’t visited your space before – but you now have a devoted follower. :)

  3. Kou! Thanks for visiting.

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