Gobsmacked in Second Life, Part One

I like a lot of places in Second Life.  I love a smaller number but still quite a few.  It is rare, however, that I have to pick my jaw back up off of the ground.  I can think of three occasions this year;  visiting Papermakis at MetaLES, the day I logged onto the playa and saw the Burn2 Community Stage↑ that Kev Sweetwater↑ had built for us and Tyrehl Byk’s Catharsis.

Now I can add a fourth.  I went to Split Screen↑ (a place for artists to create immersive installations) to visit something in particular.  When I landed, and things had rezzed, I turned my avatar around and saw the image above.  I was dumbfounded.

It’s huge and impressive and very very powerful.  It is also mesh.  This work by the amazing Artistide (Artee) Despres↑ is not one you want to miss.  (and, for those who know me, this is a sculpture not my avatar in the photos.)

The landing spot will offer you two teleport options.  The first will take you to this cityscape and allow you to experience something of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon.  Make sure for this exhibit that you have your streaming media turned off and your sound effects turned on.  Then walk around.  To assist with the immersion I would recommend having your view distance turned way down.

My photos don’t do this installation justice.  The artist suggests a windlight setting and I went all “photo bitch” again but only because the recommended one produced too much glare for me. (really!)  It honestly doesn’t matter what you do with environment – the impact of this build can’t be diminished.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the other half of Split Screen↑.  This has already become one of my favourite destinations and it’s only my first visit.  Go see this exhibit – you won’t regret it.

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