Foul Whisperings in Second Life

Ahhhh drama!  No not SL drama – “a drama”.  In this case The Scottish Play↑.  One of my favourites and one that NMC Virtual Worlds↑ allows you to experience  inworld.

This site did not figure in my plans for the day.  I was going to tell you a story and went looking for a place I could use to illustrate the tale but couldn’t find the right location.  (I was also going to make waffles and decided I’d eat them if they appeared in front of me but wouldn’t be the creator.  “Best laid plans” etc.)  However, in my search I saw a photo by Lizzy Ames↑ that intrigued me so I went to Foul Whisperings↑.

When you land you’ll find teleporters available to take you to different areas of the sim.  I used them eventually, first I had to play with settings and buttons and try to capture the ocean and heath and wind.  I can get a teensy bit obsessive.

In my own defense it really is cool how the images change and how much impact you can have on what you’re seeing.

Eventually I made my way inside the castle and found that previous inhabitants and historical players are still “strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage”.  (Forgive me but I really do love this play!)

These ghostly remnants will speak their lines and it’s sad to think they never move past their scenes.  I kept wanting to tell them what happens but maybe it’s better they don’t know.

As I explored the castle I eventually found the section represented in Lizzy’s photo and discovered a new obsession.  Hands.  I’d tell you how many different photos I took of them but that might reveal a psychopathy that is best kept my little secret.

If you love Shakespeare or the Scottish Play or unusual builds or maybe hands then go visit Foul Whisperings↑.  If you’re a photographer I suggest you carve out a large block of time.  This place gives you a great chance to play with sliders.

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  1. I think Kayden and Caledonia (or Derry) are doing readings from That Play at Seanchai soon.


  2. @Crap oh cool! I’ll look for that :)

  3. Aw I love that place! Been there a while back :)

  4. You find the neatest places…


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