Cocooning (yes it’s a pun) in Second Life

Cocoon (general)

The week is over and I’m exhausted so nothing very well thought out or important in this post. (like it ever is! *grin*) The good news (to me) is that I’ve been building again and, as usual, I’m getting carried away but it’s fun.  Odd thing happened though.

To start at the beginning, a few weeks ago I noticed my inventory count (which had been just over 13,000) had dropped by over 2,000.  I don’t typically respond to things like this with doomsday conclusions so I assumed that the previous count had been wrong somehow.  Or maybe a new way of calculating inventory totals was implemented so that duplicates weren’t counted twice (I’m thinking outfits and the inevitable extra copies that you acquire).  Seemed like a lot of them but I didn’t worry about it too much.

Cocoon (general)

Well, I went to apply a texture to one of my build’s objects and the texture wasn’t there.  In fact most of my textures aren’t there – more than 1,000 of them.  The good news is that they’re still on my hard drive.  The bad news is that if I want them in my Second Life inventory I have to upload each of them again and pay for it so I’m being very judicious in my use of what I need.

Unfortunately for this little story many of those textures were boxed which means I have a lot more things missing to bring the list up to >2,000.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to explore my inventory in detail to discover what they are but I’m sure I’ll find out when I actually want something.

Cocoon (general)

It’s still raining here. 2″ yesterday and another today. Maybe I’ll just hang out at some blues venue inworld – or build a fire and try reading a book. The really good news is that I was scheduled to go sit in a jury pool tomorrow and that was cancelled. They still want me for the 5th but maybe that will go away too.

In the meantime I’ll think of warm places, get lost in the music and forget about these small bumps in the road.

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  1. I’m with you on not panicking over inventory count, I would never be able to figure out exactly what was missing until it was way too late.
    It is one of those “shame on LL” things though. Database management is one of the most thoroughly understood things in computerdom there is no excuse for loosing stuff, from inventory (just a list of asset uuids) or from the database itself.

  2. @Shug I’m trying for optimism here :p I figure if they all could vanish magically like that then one day “poof” they’ll all be back? maybe? My fear is I’ll go searching for gaps and discover that something I love and can’t replace is missing. I’m going to play ostrich for a little while longer. :)

  3. Inventory loss? I figure it is like losing something in Real Life, except there is no insurance to cover it. Everything that I can back up as Copyable, I do … toss them in boxes (no more than 100 items per box) and store them in a folder. Everything that is Copy/Trans goes to an alt, as recommended by Linden Lab itself. Same with everything I create on my own. I also started splitting up my purchases with an alt that has become my “gardener,” loading her up with all the plants and outdoor stuff I need to buy. After losing L$20,0000 worth of pet dragons and then some, I learned my lesson. Good luck on your inventory loss. I hope it comes back on it’s own as it sometimes does.

  4. @Uccie I hope they just come back again as well :) I’ve lost one or two things now and then before – this is the first wholesale clear out I’ve had. LOL at least it takes less time to load when I log on. :)

  5. Go to an empty sea sim. Log out and delete your cace file. Relog in and your inventory should repopulate.

    I haven’t have that problem on Firestorm, but it happens sometimes where the cache reading gets screwed up. Clearing cache always fixes it, in my experience.


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