The Dangers of Being an Intrepid Explorer in Second Life

Cariacou (moderate)

It started with photographer envy.  The curse of my Second Life.  I saw this image↑ by Karro Lean (who does wonderful work) and really really wished I’d taken it.  But, I thought, I should go see the build and maybe explore a little.

The location is Rose Borchovski’s Susa Bubble Story↑ – which keeps changing and growing and really deserves to be revisited regularly.  What follows is an object lesson for those of you who wish to spend your time inworld as “intrepid explorers”.  It’s not all champagne and back rubs! (Although those two things are critical rewards doled out with satisfactory regularity).  There is danger inherent in this profession.

Cariacou (moderate)

You begin at the usual landing spot on Cariacou↑ and then walk a path through the water till you find the sign saying “Up”.  Now vine climbing is not an unusual task in my job but I try to make sure I’m dressed appropriately and the heels on my boots were totally unsuitable.  Try to prepare better than I did.

I managed to make it all the way (thanks to my hundreds of hours training those calf muscles which really does pay off) to find a fabulous installation.  This one insists you use your camera to explore which is a nice way to take advantage of the inworld tools but it has some surprises and there are risks so be on your guard.

Cariacou (moderate)

If you’ve experienced Susa’s story before you know that eyeballs will follow you.  I swear one of them pushed me and my heels didn’t help but I’m an experienced explorer and I recovered.

Once up on the platform you can wander but do cam around to find the 33 parts of Susa in the various boxes (rooms) clustered there.  Also say Hi! to the pig.  He gets lonely.

Keep your eyes on where you’re walking though.  Don’t get carried away with that remote viewing!  I had a long talk with this eyeball about the need to treat visitors with respect.  He promised to behave better in the future.  Note that a fear of heights will be an impediment if you choose this as a career.

Cariacou (moderate)

Braving the pitfalls and obstacles on this build is worth it to experience a fabulous addition to Susa’s story.  I don’t know how old this portion of the exhibit is and I feel bad that I haven’t been keeping track on a more regular basis but I have made sure a visit back to Cariacou is on my schedule regularly.

Go see what’s happening here – but make sure you have shoes with good traction.  Heels could get you in trouble.

Cariacou (moderate)
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  1. Corcosman Voom

     /  November 23, 2011

    If this is her Fear Of Falling build, I saw a Group Notice saying she had recently rezzed it after having it on exhibit at another gallery. If my memory was better, I would name that gallery : )

  2. Corcosman Voom

     /  November 25, 2011

    Simba Schumann hosted the build at Il Giardino di Arte Libera for two months. That bothered me enough to go through my notecards.

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