Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Falls in Love With Treptower Park in Second Life

Treptower Park (general)

I have never in my life aspired to be a “snow bunny”.  Frigid, wet and windy weather is not my natural habitat but that’s what I’m dealing with in real life.  Imagine my surprise to find a cold, rainy, misty park in Second Life that made me smile with delight and go crazy with my camera.

Treptower Park↑ is the creation of Squonk Levenque and is “freely inspired by an existing abandoned amusement park in Berlin (former Est Berlin) in Germany”.  One of the first things I loved about this park is that Squonk not only recommends windlight settings but also provides alternatives (yay!) varied enough that you should have at least one of them in your environment menu.

Treptower Park (general)

There is a lot of joy in this Park.  I know it looks like the ultimate in gloom but it’s beautiful and, if you’re a photographer, it’s irresistible.

There are surprises everywhere – including those balloons up top which will take you for a ride if you like.  Squonk has put out freebies for visitors and you should look for them but mostly you need to just look.  Poke around and investigate.  This is wonderful place.

Treptower Park (general)

I found this sim romantic – although I’ve explained before that my definition of “romance” might be a little unusual  – even without pink or butterflies or mushrooms or hearts and flowers, this Park has an atmosphere I can imagine sharing with somebody.

Of course if it’s me sharing they’ll have to rip my camera out of my hands because I could not stop capturing images.

Treptower Park (general)

You must, must  go visit Treptower Park.  Squonk has done a fabulous job on this landscape and I believe you will be as impressed with it as I.

I had a lot of trouble picking just 5 photos for this post (and no I’m not claiming they’re any good, just that there are a lot of them) but I did have to include the next one.  I enjoy hugs and finding a hug in the middle of this Park just made my day.  He was very warm and very good at it!

Treptower Park (general)
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