The Classic Alpha Point Gets Rebuilt in Second Life

Alpha Point (moderate)

For years one of my favourite places on the grid has been Alpha Point↑ (with the sister sim Omega Point↑) and I go back at least once a week to explore what is one of the more amazingly complex builds you can find.

A while ago I discovered much of the place was empty !?!  Turns out they are rebuilding it and although there’s  a sign saying under construction it is still possible to look around.

Alpha Point (moderate)

A number of things haven’t changed on the sim.   This is still an extraordinary construct – seemingly too large and intricate for the prim limit on one region.  It will take me weeks to find and explore all of the corridors and levels and I can hardly wait until it’s finished.

The textures are fantastic, in fact the overall quality of the build is superb.

Alpha Point (moderate)

Masoon Ringo is still the owner and Sweetlemon Jewel is still the very talented builder.  I’ve never known if they’re the same person or just a really successful collaboration but it doesn’t much matter though.

Another thing that is still the same is the presence of gifts at the landing spot.  This one is new!

Alpha Point (moderate)

If you want to see a new classic in the making go see what’s happening to Alpha Point↑.  I have builder’s envy already.

Speaking of collaborations ….. imagine BB King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Jim Vaughn playing together. Heaven! (nice segue eh?)

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