Revisiting the Garden at the End of the World in Second Life

I’ve been lazy lately it’s true.  The shocking truth is that I took some time and read a book (gasp) but I did get out yesterday long enough to revisit World’s End Garden,  Dernier Lamento↑ .  This has always been and continues, even as it changes, to be a visual feast.

At sea level you will find one of the most gorgeous shops on the grid and little islands of charm.  If you want a place to spend time in contemplation or hold hands with somebody special you should look here – and picking up a few things for your inventory wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

I’ve always loved the dramatic images in the sky area of the World’s End Garden↑. You’ll find the tp on one of those islets as you explore the soft beauty around your landing area. Make sure you don’t leave before going to visit the sky installation.

I have a couple of days worth of exploring to catch up on and notes with sim names are starting to clutter my desk again. I’ll leave you with one more shot of Dernier Lamento↑ and then get to work. If you’ve never visited World’s End Garden it’s time you did. If you’ve been there before it’s time to go back and remember why you loved it on your last trip.

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  1. I respect your piece of work, appreciate it for all the informative blog posts.

  1. Revisiting the Garden at the End of the World in Second Life | Metaverse NewsWatch |

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