Endless Snow, Distractions & Rust in Second Life

Voc linda (moderate)

I spent 9 hours yesterday taking photos of snow – and I’m really tired of “white”.  As a break I followed the link from this photo↑ by Karro Lean and revisited Voc linda↑ – home to some interesting stores, including “deviant girls” (if I understood what I was seeing correctly, all that “white” has messed with my brain).

I spent some time playing with sliders and, of course, my mind wandered.  Don’t worry though, nothing heavy or pseudo-intellectual. *grin*

Voc linda (moderate)

I’ve always hated shopping – drives me crazy looking for things because I’ll know what I want and can’t find it.  But, if I have to shop I like doing it inworld and looking at the builds.  The downside, of course, is that I get little shopping done because I’m constantly distracted by cool images around me.  This is a good thing for my account and for my photo gallery but it takes me longer to find things.

Voc linda (moderate)

I will have to create a group title that says “sorry, buried in sliders and windows taking photographs and too laggy to chat” or something like that.  People wander by while I’m snapping pics and say “Hi” and I feel really rude not being able to answer.  One person followed me around yesterday – I think she was afraid I was a terrorist who kept moving to a spot and then freezing for long periods of time.  Must look suspicious.

I do miss doing Avatar Games – even though it meant putting up with the Rusty Tin Can↑.  I can’t get away from it though – for the rest of all of my lives a large dinosaur skeleton will make me think of the lagasaurous and the loud  bucket of bolts.

Voc linda (moderate)

You have to love a world where we use the water as just another ground surface.  Also the fact that weather doesn’t cause damage or mould.

I do remain fascinated by Second Life, in spite of all its flaws and hiccups, it’s a great place to expand our horizons and experiment with facets of ourselves (I’m talking creativity here not any buried sexual fantasies I refuse to confront) that might otherwise go ignored.  And the really talented people keep me entertained and inspired.  I also find it a great antidote for “white”.

Voc linda (moderate)
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