Skin Burn 2011 Today in Second Life

Skin Burn 2011 (moderate)

It’s party time on the playa once more.  We’re going to Burn the Man again today! Well he is just standing there and it’s dry and there is this box of matches …

Burning Man’s Ten Principles call for Radical Self Expression. As part of that Self Expression, Burning Culture includes nudity and decorated nudity. For BURN2 we see it as an opportunity to celebrate Burning Culture while watching The Man burn under low lag conditions! We do this by showing up with Avatars in just a skin, no prim attachments or scripts at all, so we have minimal Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) slowing down the Virtual Playa server. First tried in 2010, this event was an instant hit.

So we’re doing it again!

Start by checking in offsite here :  You can get there starting at 10:30 am SLT.

Once you’ve stripped yourself down (and there are free art skins available if you’d like) you’ll be added to the Skin Burn group.  Then just tp to the playa and join the fun!  There will be DJ’s and dancing and at 12:30 pm SLT the Man will Burn. We’ll follow that with more dancing in the embers.

At 3:00 pm the playa will close once more until the next Burner event.  Stay tuned for news about that!  In the meantime I hope to see you later today.

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