Enjoy Life at Per4mance MetaLES in Second Life

I snuck in early to the newest show opening at Per4mance MetaLES↑  called Enjoy Life … This is Not a Rehearsal↑  by Shellina Winkler.  (side note – if there’s an arrow ↑ in a link then it should open in a new window/tab, if there’s not you will leave this page)

I have enjoyed everything I’ve seen at this venue and Shellina’s↑ work is no exception.  A journey from birth, it is beautiful – at times hard to negotiate just like life – and includes some very special moments that had me enthralled.

One of the fabulous things about this show is that it is full of joy.  I have a long list of artists I love but many of them insist on being dour and this was a wonderful escape from knowing I was going to enjoy the work but wind up sad.

The colours and images are gorgeous and it was tough selecting just 5 photos to include in this post.  There is movement, both on the part of your avatar and the visual effects around you, and I loved how things changed as you traveled through the stages of life.

On a personal note I have a special memory of the recent Burn↑ involving Shellina and the Burning Man Regional Rep for Italy.  Max is a friend of hers and we spent an hysterical 3 hours orienting him so that he could DJ at Center Camp.  It was done in voice in a mixture of Italian and English and I swear their arms were waving even though that wasn’t included in their AO’s.   The fact that he kept wandering off to look at things made our task much harder but also added to the laughter – a fun afternoon.

I think my favourite part of the exhibit is “passion” (I’m not THAT old).  I’ll leave “copulation” to your imagination though.

The show opens this afternoon at 2:11 pm SLT and I encourage you to go enjoy an experience that is positive and beautiful and rich in colour and movement.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to once again enjoy the possibilities of our world and the talent of just one of our artists.

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  1. I love this!!

  2. Yay! :) it’s a great show!

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