Mystickal Tymes & A Soul Soothing Pause in Second Life

Mystickal Tymes (adult)

I spent some time yesterday exploring the outside of the largest castle I’ve ever seen in Second Life.  It’s part of a 3 sim build called Mystickal Tymes↑ and it’s related to a real world business with the same name↑.  That link will lead you (eventually) to information on their inworld presence and a calendar of events and classes.

Mystickal Tymes (adult)

I’m still finding my way around WordPress and probably will be lost for a considerable period of time.  I can already tell you though that “workarounds” for some things I expect to be able to do (like right justify the text and omg put a link in a photo caption) are a pain in the derriere.  I did figure out the justifying once I found the “kitchen sink”.

Mystickal Tymes (adult)

I’m certain there’s some great metaphysical reason why just clicking on buttons to move this blog caused me to be exhausted – whatever the muscles are that were involved obviously require much more exercise because I’m still trashed.  But, I managed to take some photos and I managed to win at least a couple of arguments with this blogging tool so I figure the day was a win.

Mystickal Tymes (adult)

I do recommend you explore Mystickal Tymes – I enjoyed the images that popped up on my screen and it was fun taking pictures.  Next time I’ll go inside and hope it’s as interesting!

When I had published this new location of the blog I went inworld and sought out Von Johin↑ – I haven’t spent nearly enough time lately at his concerts (which he was quick to point out, the brat) but I’m very glad I got there.  He’s been on a Dylan kick lately and did me the favour of playing my request.  Of course he also complained that after years of abusing his brain cells it was a chore remembering the lyrics *grin* but he soothed my soul and made my day.

To experiment and link to my first video on here I’ll give you somebody else’s version of this song.  It’s not Von but I think Leon Russell is an acceptable substitute. :)

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