Yes, My Blog Has Moved

Catharsis (moderate)

This seemed as good an image as any to illustrate the process of moving my blog.  The fact that there’s a move afoot to link google profiles with blogger and the annoying  “security” process  in place forced my hand.

I’m sure I’ve messed up various things and I’ll try and get them fixed.  I’ll also be tweaking but, I hope, no wholesale changes and at some point I’ll figure out why links don’t always want to work etc.

Two things didn’t make it over – the videos I’ve posted are missing and my Travels Sorted by Maturity Rating.  I’ll be starting a new page of them but the old one will remain for as long as possible.

I apologize to all of you using RSS Feeds and those who have kindly linked to me in their blogrolls – but I couldn’t take the chance that the blog would vanish completely.  I’m attached to it. :)

All future posts will be available solely on this site.  I hope you’ll continue to follow my inworld adventures!

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  1. Woots! Many congratulations! i’ve been looking lately and can’t make up my mind. The Blogger interface really, really hates my preferred browser so I’m nearly coding by hand (and trying to remember all that crap I had to learn about HTML at one time). Your blog looks great and I hope it is very successful for you.

  2. Thank you darlin! Sigh, now I have to figure out how to turn off moderation lol

  3. I’ve moved from Blogger to a borrowed Moveable Type to my own Moveable Type and finally my own WordPress, and each move has its fun and frustrations.

    Whatever makes it over, good.
    Whatever doesn’t, screw it.

    Oh, and I hear WP is a better workout for calf-muscles than Blogger was.


  4. cyberloom

     /  November 9, 2011

    Looks great Honour. Your photographs have got so good they deserve a luxurious setting. I agree with Crap’s wise words too:
    “Whatever makes it over, good.
    Whatever doesn’t, screw it.”
    He is right look ahead, congratulations and good luck!

  5. Very nice! Congratz on the good look!
    Am sure you will get used to WordPress soon!
    (I am a wordpress-blogger and -fan myself, so this makes it easier for me to follow you and reblog cool posts :)).

  6. @Cyber & Caitlin Thank you both! :)


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