Wherein the Intrepid Explorer (and Friend) Goes Mesh in Second Life

Mesh Honour

This is just a quick update – I’m buried in Burn2 lists at the moment.  I will get out later this week and bring you some fabulous locations though.
This morning Diana Renoir and I put on our new mesh avatars and I had to show you! Each has an arc of 33 – amazing.  She is wearing something not only adorable but it appears soft and squishy just as it should.
I can’t get over how easily they rez and how crisp the textures are.  This is fun but I thought I should show you what we look like in case I encounter somebody without mesh enabled. Note I kept my view distance down so I’m not giving advance glimpses of the Burn2 builds. :)

Mesh Di
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  1. Ahh, I had a feeling you'd be featuring the Prefabrica/Dirty Lynx avies when I read the post title… They do some gorgeous looking mesh vehicles too…

  2. @Amanda lol I can't stop staring at them – they're gorgeous!

  3. I find them very beautiful too :) thanks for sharing. Glad to see some positive posts about mesh … they are too many people hating it which is weird. I started replacing all my sculpties with mesh … I think the view out there is that no one uses v3 of the viewer so nobody is going to see mesh objects, or the PE of mesh objects are too high etc…


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