Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Learns that Patience is a Virtue in Second Life

Velbert  (moderate)

I was surfing the map this morning and saw an island named Velbert – which seemed like a cool name so I teleported there.  My first reaction was disappointment, because I seemed to have landed in a mall and they don’t interest me, so I went into some other windows looking for likely exploration targets.
When I got back to my viewer window the textures had rezzed.  And this is what I saw in front of me.

Velbert  (moderate)

The lights and the colours and the movement match the music that is coming from the club up stairs which, the sign says, carry you to a strip club.  It’s definitely the seedier side of a futuristic downtown area.  Lots of little places offering tasteful nudes or fun showgirls, a pachinko-like palace and theatres.
One of my pet peeves in locations such as this is that they are usually so clean – think Star Trek vs Firefly – but this one has litter.  It also has some of the most bizarre ingredients I’ve ever seen added to any techno location.

Velbert  (moderate)

Just down the street from this theatre you walk through an “honour guard” of elephants.  When I passed through the door at the end of the street I found myself in a metal hallway – someday I’ll have to figure out where that goes.
The Club up the stairs was full of dancing bodies – friendly people who invited me to join them.  However I was on a mission and declined but if you like trance/techno music you should try this place out.

Velbert  (moderate)

In the heart of the City (which acts as the lobby for the Club) you’ll find a teleporter.  I thought I’d try a couple of the locations and was surprised all over again.  There is a volcano, a meditation area in the sky, both underwater and space-based racing tracks for free motorcycles and even more I didn’t try.  All appeared really well done and landscaped.
Velbert is one of the most jam-packed locations I’ve ever visited.  The colour and the lights and the music and even the unexpected elements work together and it has a lot of positive energy.  Do be patient – there are hundreds of textures and they’ll take a while to load.  Well worth the wait though – I got lucky that I saw this.  Next time I might remember that a little patience could pay off.  :)

Velbert  (moderate)
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