Forgotten Toys, Tantrums & Killer Marbles in Second Life

Forgotten Toys  (moderate)

I know I don’t usually return to the same locations – at least not without a significant period of time between blogging about them but today’s a little different.  I returned to Per4mance MetaLES in part because I wanted to see Romy Nayar’s follow-up to her amazing PaperMakis and in part to document a Viewer3Beta bug I’ve been fussing with for a (gulp) JIRA (Note: I subsequently discovered my observation is a known issue plaguing sim owners and it’s being worked on).

Forgotten Toys  (moderate)
A young girl, like many young girls, has misplaced a number of her toys.  They’re actually under her bed but of course she’s not going to look in the obvious places.  Left to their own devices some of the toys are brooding and some have become ….. let’s say mischievous – if you can call giant marbles being thrown from a great height simple mischief. :)

Forgotten Toys  (moderate)

The little girl in the top photo is huge.  To give you an idea of the scale of this creation, I’m not a short avatar but I’m shorter than the smallest portion of any of her fingers.  She’s having a bit of a tantrum up there so be careful of those flailing legs if you decide to go up and console her.
A “trademark” of Romy’s builds is that they’re interactive.  So click on things and you might find yourself dancing with a spinning top or clinging to the back of a rocking horse.  Of course you might also trigger an avalanche of those marbles so consider yourself warned.

Forgotten Toys  (moderate)

I think some of the toys have been forgotten for a long time and the more time they remain “lost” the darker they appear to become.  This is a gorgeous build and it’s possible that our interaction with the toys might help improve their mood.  It couldn’t hurt.  :)
I took these photos with the black background to compensate for that little bug I mentioned.  You don’t have to be afraid of the dark – dealing with these toys might be better in the daylight anyway but visit them you should!  :)
Forgotten Toys  (moderate)

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  1. Hay, Honour. Nice post, as always, though I found the toy place a bit depressing. Could be me … having a down day. But I also looked into your JIRA and posted this to it:"I checked both regions while using the current official release viewer and a third-party viewer and was able to see the discrepancy, however, I believe that the Estate Terrain settings are the cause. In Ironpalm, the water level is set to 4 meters while at MetaLES the water level is set to 18.5 meters. Standard "sea level" in Second Life is 20 meters so I'm not sure this is a bug, but rather the Estate Managers being creative."It's nice to see someone care so much about their fellow Residents. While I don't believe that JIRA reports do any good, I'm happy to see other still trying.

  2. @Uccie your diagnosis is certainly plausible – but it happens on every island I visit so far. Maybe I need to get out more. :)

  3. I haven't seen it elsewhere today, but I'll keep looking. I'd be happy to check any other location you post about :) Right now I'm in Bay City check out the Aquarium (

  4. @Uccie – maybe there was an earthquake and the islands I visit sunk. Or maybe I'm the problem. :)

  5. I'll do some more research and maybe delete the JIRA – maybe talk to a few owners and see ….

  6. Great post, Honour! So good, in fact, I'm directing my readers to your post.


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