A Rusty Second Life & A New Toy for Mesh

NN City  (moderate)

I don’t know what it is about rusted metal I find so aesthetically appealing but when I find it I have to start messing around with the camera and, apparently, share.  Combine the rust with derelict buildings, broken pavement and old boats and I have little resistance.  The only thing missing in NN City is some litter.  I’m sure some psychologists are salivating now but if it’s a psychopathy it seems harmless enough.

NN City  (moderate)

Labelled a “grunge” industrial City, this destination has shops and at least one club but I spent my time, as usual, admiring the build.  Oddly though, for most of my visit the ocean was floating about 30m in the air.  When I have glitches they’re at least interesting. :)

NN City  (moderate)

My desk and monitor are starting to disappear again under little yellow stickies with the names of sites I need to go visit.  I’ll try and catch up in the days ahead but, in the meantime, if you want a cool industrial site to explore then I recommend NN City.  Maybe you could drop some trash here and there just to add to the air of authenticity. :)

NN City  (moderate)

Uccie, being the bleeding edge well informed individual that she is, pointed me the way to a new toy.  I haven’t played with it yet but it looks interesting.  I don’t know if it could be used to at least partially create mesh objects for the grid (and you’d really have to be careful about IP rights although I think trees and plants would be cool) but you do wind up with an .obj file so conversion would seem possible.  It might also be useful for machinima but I’ll let you technical and artistic types figure it out.  Photofly: 3D Rendering Software is free though and that’s a huge positive.  Check out their videos and maybe you’ll come up with something really cool.

NN City  (moderate)
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  1. Photofly looks really interesting.. but you are right, it is a R/L to S/L copybot.

  2. @Ferd – if it works and people use it for things that are not proprietary then great. I'm not sure though that we can rely on that type of restraint. :)


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