The Great Porta Potty Scandal of Second Life – It’s Time to Right the Wrong

The typical Humanoid Porta Potty
A scandal of enormous proportions has been ignored by both the mainstream media and the Second Life blogosphere, one which affects a large percentage of grid residents.  It is time to face up to this example of blatant bias and discrimination and address one of the most fundamental inequities in our world. 
In 2010 the United Nations declared that access to clean water and sanitation is a fundamental human right.  You’ll notice they said “human”.  The arrogant bias shown by the physical world is reflected in our virtual lives as well and, unfortunately, until now Burn2 has been a co-conspirator in this plot to marginalize those who do not fit the elitist humanoid lifestyle.
One of the hallmarks of a Burn2 Festival (formerly known as Burning Life) is the existence of fabulous, often luxurious, porta potties.  It is seen as a priority to provide the sanitation facilities so otherwise lacking in the middle of a desert – I mean it’s not like there’s a tree or a bush you can hide behind while taking care of the inevitable bodily functions.
A Non-humanoid Burner Looks for a Bathroom at Burn2, 2010
But what about the residents who are not humanoid?   Those who do not stand 5 or 6 feet tall?  What about the furries, or dragons, or tinies?  What about any of the residents who don’t fit the anachronistic human shape?  What are they supposed to do?  Now is our moment to address this horrendous oversight.
On Friday, August 5th there will be a Community Day at Burn2.  I will have more information this week on the music and carnival and workshops to be held but first I wanted to highlight what might be the most important initiative on the grid in this century.  A sandbox has been created for those who take non-human rights seriously and wish to end this truly myopic view of our population.
Basic porta potty guidelines will be available, along with a bucket to submit your build for inclusion in the Burn2 Festival landscape.  Think about the different cultures and their needs – help provide decent sanitation facilities for all!  It’s about time somebody did.
The sandbox will be open during the full 8 hours of Friday’s event so start planning your design now.  Give a pixie a way to pee in private and you’ll make the grid a better, safer, healthier place.

The Porta Potty  Sandbox (mature)
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  1. Just don't get them confused with the dunking booths…. EWWWWWWWWW!-ls/cm

  2. @Crap "sniff" I don't think you're taking this seriously.

  3. Gromfagobblenomnomnom- whuh?Sorry. Was eating. Say again?-ls/cm

  4. I just go out to one of the Gorean water sims and fly up to 4000m know…from there… I thought everyone did that.

  5. @Shockwave um, remind me not to go sailing in Gorean waters ………

  6. Just like aBridge overGorean watersI will whip you theeeeeereLike aBRRRIIIIIIDGE overGorean WAAAAAAAAAAAATERS…-ls/cm

  7. Um, if the idea is to make a potty place for various furries/dragons/tinies and other anthropomorphic animals/beings*, I am *not* about to set foot into a sandbox. Some of them might not have realized that the sandbox isn't there to be, well, you know… I'm just sayin', watch your step, mmkay?*I'm just making a funny. If you didn't laugh at this, I'm sorry. Anyone who's ever seen a kid digging in their sandbox come up with a present the cat left will know why this is funny :)

  8. I grew up with a sandbox and never knew what those tarballs were. So, they got shaped into various cornices and ramparts and merlons for the sandcastles.I try not to think of those days when I do the litterboxes.-ls/cm

  9. @Sean I would not like to imagine what options our fellow residents have been forced to choose in the past. I can assure you that this is a brand spanking new sandbox and has a certificate from the healthy inspectors testifying to its safety.*grin*

  10. a SPANKING sandbox…you bad bad girl..

  11. @Shockwave shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Ya know, when I'm feeling non-human, I've always gone out back behind DPW… After all, the playa's just like a giant sand box, and, well, DPW is kinda littered with….you know…. ;)

  13. @Ro LOL I won't tell them – honest!


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