Braving an Adult RPG to see a Great Build in Second Life

Golgothica (adult)

My blog posting is a little erratic at the moment and will continue to be so for a few days – I’m helping put together an “event” for Friday, August 5th and I’m trying not to be distracted by exploring.  Having said that, I did take the time this morning to go visit a new build by the eDream Factory called Golgothica.
This was actually very brave of me because anything which advertises itself with the keywords “Sex Predator Prey Apartments Gothic Vampire Demon werewolves  Submission Domination Bondage Torture Beauty Beast Forced Sex Master Mistress Slave Hunt Kidnapping Auction” is not only outside of my comfort zone but it touches way too many hot buttons and tends to make me froth at the mouth.  However, it’s all about the build here – if you want to pursue that type of activity that’s not something I need to know.  

Golgothica (adult)

The last of the eDream Factory’s builds I visited was Nomos and I’m a big fan of their talent.  Golgothica does not disappoint.  The layout, textures, and design are superb and I loved it.  The introductory notecard gives you instructions for windlight settings they deem appropriate and, of course, I found them after my visit was concluded so my photographs don’t represent the build the way the creators would like.  You’ll behave much better I’m sure.

Golgothica (adult)

This location is part of the stable of role playing games developed by the Socionex Game System (SGS) and includes the aforementioned Nomos as well as The Kingdom of Sand.  I believe purchasing the HUD for one game allows you to play all of them (by substituting skins). More information on Golgothica can be found on the game website.

Golgothica (adult)

You’ll find a notecard when you first arrive which gives you the basic rules for your visit – I unfortunately had my back turned to the vendor and immediately went looking for the observer tag.  You should do a better job of looking around than I did. :)
To visit this build you teleport to the welcome area,  climb a series of staircases (after you get that notecard) to the top level and enter the Game Room.  You’ll find a “vendor” which will provide you with their version of the observer tag good for 3 days. 
Once you’re ready you take a lifeboat down to sea level.  It’s a fantastic build and well worth the visit.  What you decide to do about the game is up to you.

Golgothica (adult)

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  1. Another great post, Honor, and another sim to add to my list of places to take pics and explore.

  2. Another amazing post. You blog has led me to many amazing sims. Thank you so much. :D

  3. @Suri Thank you for saying so :)


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