Exploring Moya: the Name, the Artist & a Physical Connection with Second Life

Moya Museum (general)

I had a conversation the other day in which it was suggested that I go visit a group of islands owned by Moya Janus.  I’m going to encourage you to do this excursion as well but you will have the advantage of some background and information first.  :)
Patrick Moya is a french artist, living in Nice,  whose works are based on “the obsessive diffusion and transformation of his name and image”.  By the time you have explored even a small portion of one of the islands you will know his name and will be able to identify him in a real life street encounter. 

Moya Museum (general)

You’ll notice above I said he lives in Nice – beautiful, sun soaked Nice.  The CĂ´te d’Azur influences his art and the manner in which he designs his sims at least from the perspective of “light”.  This was enjoyable for me because my little corner of the world has forgotten about summer however I found it very difficult to take photos because it’s very bright.  So you’ll see that the images I’ve included are taken at dusk or at midnight.
I made it to three of the four islands – Moya Museum, Moya and Moya Land.  Unfortunately the Studio Moya was offline during my visit but I can show you a glimpse of what you might see because he livestreams it on his website – there is a real life connection as well (at least until October) with a physical Studio Moya at La Malmaison Cannes

Moya Land (general)

I have to admit to sensory overload during my visit.  There was point at which I was afraid to move my camera because there would be a whole new area full of images and objects I would then have to digest.  This is not a bad thing – just an observation that “OMG he’s prolific”.
I found myself relaxing when I reached Moya Land.  As much as I can enjoy the circus and the overwhelming amount of movement and light and images on the other islands, I found the environment on this site easier or less stressful to absorb.

Moya Land (general)
I love Patrick’s art – even when I find it hard to take in the sheer volume of images. There’s humour and self-deprecation and a fabulous “atmosphere” created in his work.  I’m also very impressed with his conscious effort to link both his first and second life art together and make it immersive for both avatars and carbon-based life forms.  If Studio Moya had been online I could confirm my assumption that the two worlds can communicate – you’ll have to discover that for yourself.
Check out the tourists’ guide to the 4 islands before you go in preparation.  There is a lot to see and it will help you get prepared and oriented.  There is a tram tour once you arrive – at least I saw one on Moya.  But if you’re like me you’ll just wander and see what an artistic mind living on the Mediterranean can accomplish.  Wonderful!

Moya Land (general)
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