A Day with Burn2 Mutant Vehicles in Second Life

Day with the DMV at Burn2  (moderate)

I got to the playa just as the sun started coming up this morning – it’s going to be a big day for those who love racing and dancing and just mutant madness in the desert.  The Department of Mutant Vehicles is hosting a day of fun and mayhem and we’re all invited.

Day with the DMV at Burn2  (moderate)

Come Fuel the Burn! You make the Burn happen here!

The Hotties of the Department of Mutant Vehicles would like you to come spend a day with us, celebrating the history and traditions of Burn and the DMV and to get you in the mood for the upcoming Burn! (October 1 – 9).
Come try your hand at racing some of the fabulous Art Cars or dance to great music and entertainment!
Check out the Infocrate at the Info Tent for information on how to participate in Burn2!

Schedule (all times SLT):

8am-9am – DMV Event kickoff and Races – Tiny/Micro vehicles vs Regular/Large vehicles
9am-10am – Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow with Yman Juran
10am-11am – DMV Races – Backwards Race
12pm-1pm – ~D R U M~ performs on lot by Info Tent * ~D R U M~ will be debuting a new set for this event!
1pm-2pm – Carbo Carducci DJ
2pm-3pm – Graham Seale DJ
3pm-4pm – Anything Goes Race

*Art Cars from previous years will be on display

Day with the DMV at Burn2  (moderate)
One of the reasons I got there early was so I could scope out the various vehicles and choose the one I want to race.  After all, they’ve probably forgotten my driving ban by now right?  Maybe?
Day with the DMV at Burn2  (moderate)
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