>A Steampunk Seagull Found a Home in Second Life


Plage des Graniers  (adult)

I recently saw this photo of a place called Plage des Graniers and thought that, since it’s been a while since I’ve visited a sim because of its landscape, I should check it out.  What I found is a charming little fishing village with adult shops and clubs that demonstrates once again one of those typically Second Life characteristics we love.
You see it all over the grid.  It doesn’t matter how “real life” their vision, the designer or builder throws in a few details that are possible only in the virtual.  This is one of the many things that delights me about inworld locations – the quirky mix of bits and pieces that make them unique.
I fell in love first with the textures on the dock but they had me with the steampunk seagull.

Plage des Graniers  (adult)

Yes I played around with buttons and settings again.  They seem to make the place look more “cartoonish” than it really does.  I’m sure you’ll do a better job when you visit.  :)  Nothing looks bright, shiny or new.  It’s a well lived in, well loved community.  You get the impression of hard working people living their lives much as their great grandparents did before them.
This is an adult rated location.  I think the local citizens decided to augment their income by renting out the shops to retailers who specialize in the more mature type of product.  It also might have started with the club located nearby – the patrons might have needed a place to find some last minute purchases appropriate for their nights out.

Plage des Graniers  (adult)
In addition to the fabulous Mr. Seagull, you’ll find other nice virtual touches as you explore.  The wonderful bird chairs that are stalking the windmill on stilts.  Flowers growing through a dock which hangs over sea water.  A rabbit that apparently loves its absinthe.  Nothing glaring or jarring – everything fits comfortably into a lovely small seaside village. 
Avatars in Motion has done a nice job of showing the beauty of this location including the previously mentioned bird chairs.  If you don’t already, that’s a good blog to check for great places to visit on the grid.

Plage des Graniers  (adult)
If you’re a sand and surf addict you might have noticed that I don’t visit “beaches”.  I’m not drawn to sweat and hard bodies I guess – but if that’s your thing there are certainly lots of places to discover.  This Plage on the other hand has plenty to appeal to me.  For those who seek a bit of respite from the chaos of all of our lives or who just love great builds, I recommend a trip to this otherworldly oceanside .

Plage des Graniers  (adult)
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