>A Flaming Bloody Scarlet Red Ruby of a Build in Second Life and Video Card Insecurity


Locus (moderate)

I don’t know about you but when I see something I don’t expect I immediately start to worry that either my system or its components are starting to fail or deliberately messing with me.  I know they’re sentient and I figure they have an evil sense of humour.
Such was my reaction this morning. I was using the map to island hop and saw one that is a lot of red.  When I landed I first thought that my video card had acquired some strange colour obsession so I hopped somewhere else, confirmed everything looked normal and went back.  It’s definitely red.  It’s also gorgeous and, once you start exploring, it’s very difficult to leave.

Locus (moderate)

Many of us, I’m sure, remember the story of DB Bailey the architect in Second Life.  In the physical world he is David Denton and he built an  inworld model of a project he was bidding on and walked the client through resulting in a win and the subsequent construction of the Cleopatra Water Courts in Cairo.  I have visited his builds a few time but this was my first exposure to his new headquarters on Locus.
DB’s parcel information describes Locus as a sim devoted to the exploration of new building and art  forms unique to the virtual world. It is also the studio of DB Bailey (David Denton architect in RL).  Art, Architecture, Design, Art Gallery, Art Museum.

Locus (moderate)

This build is not a uniform colour of red – although it appears to be when you first arrive.  Adding shadows allowed the local lights to pop and the various shades of scarlet and red and ruby and more to emerge.  Then you start to see the touches of contrasting colours used very sparingly but to great effect.
It’s easy to ignore the strength of the build if you just focus on the colours.  Give yourself time to start appreciating the extraordinary design once your mind accepts the palette.  And please give objects a chance to rez – there are a lot of sculpties used in the design – the hands are just one of the things worth waiting for.  I can hardly wait for mesh and really hope he uses it – the results should be amazing.

Locus (moderate)

After I managed to pry myself away from the build I did a little link googling for this post and found a recent interview with DB done by Crystal Rehula.  The build they were discussing had to be this one except it was apparently done in shades of green.  I went back inworld and checked my screen in various sites before returning to Locus.  My insecurities aside, I swear it’s now red.  But who knows for how long that will last.
Go see what somebody this talented can do with the tools available in Second Life.  But, if it looks different to you please don’t tell me.  I have plenty of neuroses as it is.  I don’t need a new one.

Locus (moderate)
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