>Sextan Shepherd’s Magnificent Machines in Second Life


Sextan, Liberty Cove (general)

I’ve been doing some background work on a post for tomorrow and saw this photo by Liqueur.Felix.  The name would have gotten my attention even if the content didn’t – as soon as I see Sextan I know I’m going to love whatever the subject happens to be.  If you are not familiar with Sextan Shepherd you are missing one of the truly great steampunk creators. 
I didn’t realize Sextan had a new playground so I went to see what new marvels he has thought up.  My first step though was to download the windlight setting he has specified – Bristol – and although I’m always tempted to play, I stuck with the one setting for all these photos.

Sextan, Liberty Cove (general)

It’s impossible to miss the giant mechanical being who clutches the little town in his claws – and he is fabulous.  What I love even more are the tiny details that Sextan does so well.  The rotating globe has a magnifying glass which allows you to actually see the fine print as it moves.
This marvelous collection of gears and lenses will send you into space for an upclose encounter with various objects in the universe.

Sextan, Liberty Cove (general)

As always there is great beauty in the mechanical; the textures, the complexity, the movement are superb.  These are intricate, surprising and fantastical devices that are also works of art.  
I met some charming and intelligent people while I explored this island.  I appreciated that as much as I did the aesthetics of the design.

Sextan, Liberty Cove (general)

One of the major pieces on the island is Sextan’s “Oracle”.  The more I examined it the more I found it a bit disturbing.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s extremely well thought out and well done.  Maybe too well done. One of the faceplates is “broken” so you only see the skull, however the ones that are intact are a bit too “alive” for my comfort. This is no static prim.  It’s a glimpse into a vaguely creepy corner of the artist’s mind.
Go visit Liberty Cove.  Maybe you’ll find the inspiration you need to help me with my SL8B project.  I’ll polish your brass clock!

Sextan, Liberty Cove (general)
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