>Milvus is a Marsh With Attitude in Second Life


Milvus (moderate)

There is a place in the middle of the ocean where the land is resisting the encroaching sea.  The inhabitants do their best to nurture the remaining plant life and defend their structures and art from potential flooding.  Milvus is a marsh with attitude.

Milvus (moderate)
This is home for Mandarine Scofield and, with Koad Sewell, she is making a determined stand against the worst that Mother Nature might bring to bear.  There is beauty and, if you’re addicted to clicking that camera button, a seemingly endless number of images to capture.

Milvus (moderate)

There is a floating island with its anchor clinging to the edge of this swampy island.  I suppose that if the worst happened they could retreat there and watch the devastation – luckily there is a bar on that island.  I expect it is kept well stocked for just that purpose.

Milvus (moderate)

Kent says in his profile that they appreciate visitors.  The positive response to their efforts encourages them to keep changing and improving the landscape.  I think Milvus is fantastic now and can’t wait to see what happens to this remote island in the future.
PS.  Yes I’m going to keep nagging you to please help me with my SL8B project.  I’ll throw you a life preserver when the floods come!

Milvus (moderate)
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  1. >OMG, i am overcome… i see MY trees.. that I made.. on Milvus. I LOVE milvus…i am in awe and honored that the creators of Milvus chose my trees to be on their sim.. they are the ones with the uh.. well they are sort of particle topiaries :))

  2. >and they are gorgeous! :)

  3. >Thank you for this nice homage our world Milvus has Koad and me, the photographs are superb. I am very moved by reading you. thank you still for your visit. come back when you want :))Mandarine Scofield

  4. >Ahh Mandarine – Milvus is now one of my favourite places. Thanks to yo and Koad for creating it.


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