>Day Dreams & Clocks in Second Life


Daytime Dreams (moderate)

There is a building in Second Life situated on a white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and topical grasses. This in itself is not unusual.  I don’t spend much time at or talking about the beach but you and I know there are lots of them inworld.  In this case though, go outside and feel the sun on your back. Then, if you make your way down the beach a bit, you’ll find a long pier with a wooden deck chair sitting on the end of it.  The view from the chair is anything but typical.
First you’ll notice the blue water and occasional rare fish.  Then you’ll notice some large blocks which seem to dance to the music you hear.  The landscape looks different over there – the ground is all black and white, not sand.

Daytime Dreams (moderate)

You have arrived in Daytime Dreams and Dolphin Aeghin, your host, has built something very special here.  It is a minimalist landscape but it’s also romantic – when I arrived a couple was dancing and it made me smile.
If you’re like me you’ll find works by artists you know and love as well as creators you will now seek out.  The island brings you wonders by Sextan Shepherd, Bryn Oh, Akasha Wachmann and Madeliefste Oh – just to name a few of the talented designers included.  Dolphin contributes some of his own quirky creations as well.

Daytime Dreams (moderate)
There are clocks.  There are wonderous, fantastical glorious clocks. There are hats and tea cups, a giant working chess board and a talking parrot.  Bryn Oh’s Mayflies are happy here.  Someday I might successfully take a photograph of them. :)
Think of Daytime Dreams as a steampunk/fantasy/romance set on a vast undulating chessboard in the sea.

Daytime Dreams (moderate)

You must go visit this homestead and discover what a quirky and talented person can achieve with limited prims and works from both their own imagination and by some of the grid’s best artists.
But while you’re there, don’t forget I need your help with my SL8B project.  I’ll put sunblock on your back for you!

Daytime Dreams (moderate)
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