>Obscurity & An Initial Plea for Help With a Second Life Project


La Isla Obscura (moderate)

I stumbled upon La Isla Obscura this morning and fell in love.  It reminded me of the thrill you get when you first “own” land and the endless possibilities available to you (um, ignoring the whole prim trap thingie).  The Wizard Ilmord Darkford has created his home base paradise and it’s open for us to share and full of secrets for us to find.
Exploring this little gem and looking at its name reminded me that, due to its size, we really have no hope of seeing everything that exists in Second Life.  The grid is vast and varied and, because the vast majority of us operate withing our own smaller “world”, it is also oddly personal.

La Isla Obscura (moderate)

There are two things that we all have in common.  We have a “Second Life” and we have a camera.  Which brings me to the point of this post.
After 4 years of thinking about it I finally decided to try and do something at SL’s anniversary celebration.  SL8B will take place in June and I hope to be one of the exhibitors.  I’ve had a huge project in mind for a very long time and haven’t managed to persuade myself to commit to it however I think that a smaller version of it will be doable.  I won’t actually know if my application is accepted til the end of May but I’m going to need your involvement for this and I don’t think I can wait that long before actually making a formal request for assistance.

La Isla Obscura (moderate)

I will do a post in the next few days giving details of the project and the help I’ll need.  In the meantime I’d like you to think about your Second Life.  If you could take one photograph that would show people why you come inworld what would it be?  Community?  Friends?  Music? Art? A location?  Funky Avatars?  Maybe one photo in each category?  An important thing to keep in mind – the picture must align with the requirements for a General Maturity Rating.  No NippleGates will be indulged here. :)
I’ll be making use of the functionality available in Koinup so I will need you to register there.  It’s free and easy but if you don’t want another place in your bookmarks I’ll understand.  (I’ll cry and pout but I’ll understand.)

La Isla Obscura (moderate)

I’m acquiring the technical skills necessary to make the project happen the way I want.  Once I’ve proven to myself that I can do it I’ll post the details of both the project and the assistance I need.
Please consider participating.  I would love to see something that represents as much of the grid wide Community as possible and will need your help and the help of your friends to achieve that.

La Isla Obscura (moderate)
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  1. >Sounds intriguing :)

  2. >I'll give it some thought… but you took NippleGates off my list… so it's going to be difficult. ;)

  3. >@Emma – yay!@Jacks – LOL consider it an artistic challenge. :)

  4. >I like the idea and will think about it.

  5. >@Salvatore Thank you!

  6. >I think it's a super idea!

  7. >@haunte Yay!!!!

  8. >so nude shots of bryn are out of the question. damn

  9. >@Cole Marie I'm hoping you'll have a Plan B :)

  10. >Hahaha nude shots of me? Ö Just kidding. I just realized I just posted this sim that you posted here but I found it on koinup recent places then I realized it was your photo then I realized where Id seen it before and just. Well dont I feel dumb now XD


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