>Deconstructed CyberPunk, Music, Anarchy & Squatting in Second Life


Hangars Liquides (moderate)

The surface of our planet is unlivable. The institutions and bureaucracies we know and depend on have vanished.  But civilization has the ability to adapt and mutate and, in Second Life, there is a place that the surviving cyberpunk generation has chosen to build their own version of utopia.  Welcome to Hangars Liquides.
Hangars Liquides (moderate)

Taking its name and inspiration from the French electronic music label this City is hard core and, not surprisingly, mimics the experimental nature of the sounds that pump through your speakers.  A sense of the real nature of anarchy is obvious from the moment you realize that squatting is permitted – but within the constraints imposed by the Community.  The guidelines reflect the need to cooperate with and respect your fellow citizens.

Hangars Liquides (moderate)

The 3 sim City is full of tall, very tall, towers and neon.  There is a casual approach to safety and caution and even role play.  The latter will be considered but isn’t the point or focus of the society here.  You are responsible for your own health and welfare; for example the walkways are solid and trustworthy but if you stray off of them you’re likely to find yourself falling thousands of meters.  The State has little apparent interest in mothering you.

Hangars Liquides (moderate)

I met the builder, Djehan Kidd, on the site of a new project.  I was enthralled and once it’s open I’ll share it with you.  In the meantime I thought it was fitting that I finally, after much nudging from friends, go check out Hangars Liquides.  Even if it’s not the type of place you want to live in you must go see what a coherent, consistent sociopolitical vision can do when it’s coupled with outstanding talent.  This is a dark place which benefits from careful planning and a deft artistic touch.  I was very impressed.

Hangars Liquides (moderate)
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  1. >Very interesting. I've got to back into second life. Thanks!

  2. >yay! Glad to hear it! :)


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