>Wherein the Intrepid Second Life Explorer Should Have Just Stayed in Bed


Anna’s Many Murders (moderate)

OK so I’m having a lousy morning.  My voyage of discovery inworld was fraught with glitches and “unfortunate” landings and so I’m just going to vent a bit and show you more images from Bryn Oh’s new installation called “Anna’s Many Murders“.  It is worth repeating so I’m not going to feel guilty. :)

Anna’s Many Murders (moderate)

My crankiness actually began when I discovered an email from LL saying there’d been a billing failure and I needed to fix it before my account was suspended.  This was puzzling because it’s been almost a year since I owned any land to pay tier on.  Luckily (?) they tried using a credit card that’s not operational but now my balance is in the negative and I have to sort it out.  The support person on the phone didn’t argue with me – he saw the problem.  However, I have to phone back on Monday to get into the “escalation” process.  I’m pretty sure it’ll turn out to be my fault for being a Canadian.

Anna’s Many Murders (moderate)

I made use of the Map to look for locations today.  Wound up on an island whose description turned out to be full of “forced rape, torture, dolcett etc.” Oddly enough the place was rated “Moderate”.  I’ve been assured by a veteran role player that it was just “advertising” and they doubted any of those things actually take place.
The logic of advertising that kind of thing just to attract the people who would be interested and then not actually providing it escapes me. 
The next island I landed on informed me that it was damage enabled.  Standing in front of me was somebody named “PsychoKiller” and he was armed.  I left cause I’m a wuss.

Anna’s Many Murders (moderate)

I did succeed in finding a place I’ve been looking for.  However I got stuck in a Tardis wannabe.  Managed to relog and get out of it but then when I tried to get the rules and Observer tag for the place none of the scripts worked for me.  sigh  I found a tag from a previous location and went exploring anyway.  I decided though that, until I can figure out what kind of role play it is, I should just wait and look around another time.
I turned 4 the other day.  Maybe I’m just feeling my age. :)

Anna’s Many Murders (moderate)
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