>Art & Grieving for Japan in Second Life


Strength & Prayer on Kick (moderate)

Photographer Sayoko Moonwall and Illustrator Yoyo Quartz are Japanese artists taking advantage of Second Life to express their grieving for the recent events and current recovery of their country and fellow citizens.  Their installation “Strength & Prayer” opened yesterday and I think it will touch you as it did me.

Strength & Prayer on Kick (moderate)

Yoyo’s illustration of “Strength” becomes a 3d rotating Carp with floating banners and fading shadows when built inworld.  Sayoko’s photographs representing “Prayer” and surrounded by burning candles (displayed primarily in the black room) appear and disappear reminding us how fragile our world and life really is.

Strength & Prayer on Kick (moderate)

I spent some time chatting with Sayoko and, in spite of the confusion caused by 3 translators simultaneously getting it wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and learning about their friendship and collaboration.

Strength & Prayer on Kick (moderate)
I was sufficiently intrigued that I went to visit their Gallery Sayopiyo on Kyoto Bakumatsu.  This is a gorgeous sim and deserves some exploration on its own.  Do go see their new exhibit and then check out their gallery.  Two very talented artists are sharing the results of a successful partnership with us and I, for one, am very grateful.

Gallery Sayopiyo (moderate)
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