>It’s 1891 & Jack the Ripper isn’t the only threat in Second Life


1891 (moderate)

If you want dark role play but don’t want futuristic cyber spectaculars then consider the Victorian Era.  Specifically, consider the Benighted Quietus.   This destination and its sister Beyond Darkness exist in the Victorian England of 1891.  Home to Legacies 1891 Role Play it is claimed that you will finally learn the truth about Jack the Ripper.

1891 (moderate)
If you go to their website you will learn that “Legacies is a beautiful, dark universe for the demented and twisted either residing here or exploring here. Mature, No Holds Barred,  extremely dark and cold, no mercy is found here. Leave your inhibitions behind, open your mind, your imagination and simply let go. We here, exist beyond darkness deep in the crevices of the disturbed.”

Beyond Darkness (moderate)

The sun doesn’t shine in this forsaken part of the universe.  The journal explains what happened but I suspect it will take much time and effort to free this lost place.  What then what would they do or think if they returned to us?  That is a problem for future generations to consider.

Beyond Darkness (moderate)
For the experienced role players I can tell you this is “Free-form RP using LaRPS. VTM, WOD, D&D, dice-rolls” and includes Vampires, Nekos and Demons. (you’d think Jack the Ripper would be enough right?)

I’m not easily spooked …. OK, yes I am and this place got to me.  I think my photos would have been much better if I hadn’t been running so hard while I took them If you seek the dark and dangerous then 1891 should be on your list.

Oh and one last note.  They’ve been invaded by demented squirrels.  I even found them underwater when I was hiding resting my camera.

1891 (moderate)
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  1. >oh wow. i LOVE these photos. i don't know if it's your talent, their build, or the combination of both, but these are WONDERFUL! i would love to go there, but i am not big on RP.

  2. >Hey I'm the wimp remember? You can look around and avoid the rp'ers :)

  3. >You find the coolest places – I can't wait to visit this one. Thanks for posting it!

  4. >Thanks! You're very welcome!


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