>"The Next Day" is Dark in Second Life


The Next Day (moderate)

I’m starting to accumulate yellow stickies all over my desk again – yellow stickies with the names of places I want to visit and share with you.  Two of them are futuristic role play sims that I’ve been hanging onto for a while.  I’m sure cowardice had nothing to do with it and I’ll prove my “intrepitude” by visiting both this week.

The Next Day (moderate)

The Next Day is part of a 3 region build known as the City of Doom.  This is a CCS Sim so if you’re going to engage in role play you must wear one of the CCS Meters distributed for free at the arrival point.  If you want to just have a look around don’t wear the meter but make sure you follow all the rules.  You will receive a notecard when you move into the City and one of the critical phrases is that Ignorance is no excuse here.
The Next Day (moderate)
This is probably the most complex and detail rich build I have ever visited on the grid.  It feels enormous – and that’s without getting to all three parts of the City.  There are back alleys and different zones and even multiple levels.  The work required to design and build this site is mind boggling.
When you leave the landing area and head towards the teleport to the City there is a sign which reads “No IM Rescue”.  I have no idea why they thought I’d need rescuing but as a way to get you in the mood it’s a nice touch. :)
The Next Day (moderate)
You’d have to be a better photographer than me to show you the tiny bugs committing suicide on this lamp but they’re there. I found some interesting little surprises like the door I tried to open but couldn’t because I didn’t “have permission”.  A few beats later I was asked if I’d like to break it down.  :)
If you love dark role play you need to go visit this City.  If you just love great builds you really need to go see what they’ve done here.  The Next Day is fabulous.

The Next Day (moderate)
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  1. What in the world happened to it? I disappeared for a few months, then returned to find Next Day replaced by some Spanish beach party thing. WHERE DID THE BEST PLACE IN SECOND LIFE GO? D:


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