>The Exquisite Lost World in Second Life


Lost World (moderate)

Every now and then the intrepid explorer gets really really lucky.  Every now and then she will be flying across the (seemingly) endless ocean and find a true gem of a destination sitting quietly, just waiting for her.  And if it’s really her lucky day one of  the gem’s builder will also be sitting there in the middle of the ocean, in a field of fantasy, waiting to welcome her.
Siine Rainforest and Masaki Cambric are romantics.  Not saccharine, overtly precious romantics.  Siine and Masaki have the wisdom to show restraint and achieve atmosphere without using a sledgehammer.

Lost World (moderate)

At first you might wonder if there is enough in this minimalist build to attract visitors.  Three tiny low islands in that vast ocean.  Each one a feast of detail and beauty yes but again tiny.  Then it occurs to you to look below the surface.

Lost World (moderate)

Explore the sea bottom a bit more and you find those parts of the world that might have been “lost” if Siine and Masaki hadn’t uncovered them.  A stunning garden appears.

Bar Yui-ga (moderate)

The garden surrounds the Bar Yui-ga – the riot of colour and texture in stark contrast to the simple beauty of the building’s interior.  But the building has windows and even when you are in the center of that calm you can still see outside and feel drawn to the truly exquisite design that was once lost.

Bar Yui-ga (moderate)
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