>Wastelands Beauty in Second Life


I’ve been thinking lately about all of the great places in Second Life I haven’t visited in a long time and that led me to revisit the Wastelands (Moderate maturity rating). There have been a lot of changes here in the time I’ve been busy elsewhere. For one thing, there are 12 sims in the group and I’m sure it wasn’t that big before.

This post apocalyptic marvel opened first in January (I think) of 2007 which would make it 1,392 years old in SL time (it’s like dog years but with lag). This is one of those destinations everybody should experience and it’s one of the ones we take for granted. It’s more than possible that newcomers won’t know about it and so I think you should keep it in mind when showing people around.

I’m not sure why we’re so fond of post apocalyptic landscapes on the grid. That and/or steampunk is certainly a theme we see fairly often and I’m not complaining. There might be metaphysical or psychological reasons – perhaps it’s because it’s possible to explore the ideas and “live” them. Or it might just be because there’s a wonderful stark beauty to be shared. Whatever the reason you really should go experience the “grand-daddy” of them all.

There is some role play here and there are local weapons to be had (outside weapons are not allowed) but nobody tried to kill me and so I think you’re safe. There is a fair amount of shopping in the old ruins and don’t forget that many people have homes here so please, be respectful. It is a wonderful place to explore and it deserves repeat visits.

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