>There’s No Language Barrier to Art in Second Life


I once spent a delightful few hours going through the book “Off The Tourist Trail” which gives you alternatives to the crowded destinations people head for in places like Rome. In that city there are hundreds of museums that you don’t hear of or think of and yet you really should see. I thought of that book this morning when I was exploring Musei in Comune Roma Capitale (General maturity rating).

My Italian is non-existent but it appears that the MIC is an association of smaller museums in Rome. Luckily their website has an english version and it’s not like you need to understand the language to appreciate the art. :)

This is a diverse group of exhibits. From the stunningly beautiful to the thought provoking weird.

Rotating high in space is this extraordinary construct which seems to grow organically around you – make sure to cam out so you can appreciate this build. On the ground I found a lot of “people”, many of whom had perished at the hands of a large mechanical being. They don’t appear to have a hope.

I almost missed what I’ll call the catacombs. Some secret yet powerful ritual is being performed. Perhaps one of their Gods will intercede on their behalf.

Go visit the Musei in Comune Roma Capitale. The signs indicate there are frequent concerts as well as different exhibits scheduled. I plan to return regularly. :)

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  1. >Yes, I attended a great masquerade "Roman Carnevale" in March there, it was a remarkable event.I must check back their homepage occasionally.


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