>Wherein I Ride a Giraffe in Second Life


I was looking through some recent photos on Koinup and saw a few by Torley Linden that looked interesting so I followed the SLurl and wound up on Cap Estel (moderate maturity rating).

Maurice Messmer is a landscaper and he uses his island to play around with ideas and demo his work. Cap Estel has gone “safari” in this latest incarnation. The Giraffe Tour will give you a good overview before you start exploring on your own (and like me, you’ll be able to take “ride a giraffe” off your bucket list!).

I was going to say that this is a great place to play with Windlight – and it is! But you know me well enough by now to realize I think everywhere is a great place to play with Windlight. :)

So take your camera, go wander the plains of Africa and see what you find. I will warn you though that there is a lush jungle portion which requires some seeking – and the first step is a doozy!

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  1. >This looks great Honour!

  2. >Thanks! It's all in the build of course. :)

  3. >Thank you, the landmark of Cap Estel is in my inventory, and I didn't know about its latest transformation. Time to revisit!


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