>The Syzygy Islands – Unity in Second Life


So you know how sometimes you type a random word into the Map search field just to see what you’ll get? No? It’s just me? Fine. Well, I did that today and my word was syzygy – it had been on my mind lately for some inexplicable reason and I decided to see if anybody had done something with it on the grid. What I found was a group of 5 islands whose residents have managed to explore wildly different views of the world and yet combine them into a fascinating and enjoyable whole.

I started on Syzygy Pyxis and found a Neko Shinto Shrine near a modern house with a steampunk airship. Over the hill was a wizard’s tower next to a wind turbine and some damaged solar collectors.

The islands are mountainous and each valley brings a new landscape. You’ll find a medieval tavern, a neko garden and even another wizard’s tower. Nothing should work together but it does. This group of residents has managed to maintain their own sense of individuality without compromising or conflicting with their neighbours.

I loved wandering around these islands. They shouldn’t work. “Everybody knows” you have to have a strong theme on land to make it attractive. In this case the only theme would be that suggested by the name – unity. They demonstrate a united sense of each other’s value and it works beautifully.

Yes I’m being sentimental. I’ll go get a coffee and find my cynical backbone. :)

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  1. >I got away from reading your posts Honour … my mistake. Even though I'm not a SL resident – your thoughts always hit home with me. Your post the Syzygy Islands is no exception.As you say, the Syzygy Islands shouldn't work since they have no central theme. But it does have a theme – tolerance and respect for others different than us. Sounds pretty fundamental. I only wish it's real world application was so.

  2. >Someday Clay you'll decide to come inworld to visit :) Just let me know and I'll get you through the orientation and take you around. I think you'll find a lot to like.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful blog post regarding our island. It's true that we are a friendly lot that prefer to make something pretty instead of turning a profit, and you captured our "theme" perfectly.We have recently implemented our final expansion to 7 sims and turned Eos bay into a true bay.All the best,Samantha


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