>The Fantastical Retropolis in Second Life


In a state of complete ignorance I clicked on teleport this morning and found myself on the heaving (yes, heaving, very realistically too) deck of a tiny boat, in the middle of a storm tossed ocean, getting drenched in a downpour while a slithering sea monster attempted to consume both it and me. Welcome to Retropolis.

After sliding around on the deck for a while I discovered a genie. This clever little guy knows all 9 ports of call for this vessel and, since I was not dressed for the weather, had no weapons to combat serpent attacks and was getting sea sick I decided to allow him to send me to one of the ship’s destinations – a marsh.

Once the world had righted itself I also explored the Witches Tower, The Caves (by the way, the genie doesn’t warn you that those caves belong to a large Troll), a Garden, Desert, Subway Station and more.

There is a group of creators associated with Retropolis – Allan Ember, Missy Ember, Terra Volitant, Tricia Farella and Bret Emor. What a strange and fabulous collaboration!

There are couples dance balls in both the likely and less likely places. You could have 10 completely different dates all thanks to one sim. On the off chance that it’s a problem for any of you I should point out that the destination named “Spiders” is not using the term euphemistically. Visit Retropolis, just make sure to have your dramamine ready just in case. :)

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  1. >can you send a LM to that place? pweeez? :)

  2. >:)If you click on the blue text "Retropolis" you'll be directed to the slurl teleport thingie :)but if that doesn't work for you – here it is:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dream%20Reliance/136/137/1522

  3. >And yes I'll send you one inworld :)


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