>Fabulous "Forgotten City" in Second Life


With all due respect to Mitch Wagner, Twitter cannot give you something like the Forgotten City. Yes you actually have to put in a teensy bit of effort, in this case look at the “Strange” tab in the Destination Guide or read other blogs or find other search methods. But boy is burning those two calories worth it. :)

Described as a once-great, clockpunk-ish city where the prosperous Residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the automatons remained — and still take care of the crumbling stone walls, abandoned halls, and rusty fences, this is one amazing build.

I can’t say with certainty who I should credit for the design and construction of this destination. Jenne Dibou is at least partially responsible and if I can track down other names I’ll update this post.

Give yourself plenty of time to explore because there’s a lot to see. The buildings and canals and wonderful details all deserve your attention.

One of the fun things about my visit here was that there were a number of small groups of people around the sim and the conversations were in multiple languages. It was a nice demonstration of one of the things I love about Second Life.

You can rent space in Forgotten City and in a really cool way – go to the courtyard and you’ll find a 3d map of the site. You click on what you want and do your rental agreement that way. Before you leave that part of the build though, go inside and check out the JD Mechanical Toy Factory.

If you like to visit new places and appreciate great design and building skills then go to the Forgotten City. I know I’m going to go back frequently but right now I’m going to go chase that boat I see in the canal and see if it’ll give me a ride.

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  1. >You find the most wonderful places to explore :D

  2. >thank you :) but the good guys are the ones who build these places!

  3. >This is one of my favourite spots to explore in SL. The Mechanical Toy Factory is a definite "must-see"! Thanks for posting about it to share the wonderment with others :)

  4. >It's gone up to the top of my list as well :)


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