>Bits of News from Second Life


I know – pictures of me two days in a row. (sigh) I promise it’s just a blip in the space/time continuum. I have the following little bits and pieces though that I’d like to share:

  • Crap Mariner has news about an Amazon.com music discount available and suggests you use it to support live musicians in Second Life. He also suggests you do the “forwarding” part of the process to encourage the Lindens involved with events to experience more of our terrific inworld talent. I heartily endorse both recommendations and would encourage you to check out Von the Revelator and consider it for your selection. :)
    Update: Crap has passed on the news that American Express is now offering a 5 song rebate on iTunes. Hey – even more inworld music for you!
  • In Land – The Search for the Sy has been extended until mid-March which is fabulous news. If you haven’t experienced it yet you now have an additional 4 weeks to get in there. You’ll love it! There’s a party from 5 til 8 SLT tonight for all the winners and those who may not have won but enjoyed it anyway. I hope to see you there.
  • The new Viewer 2.5 is FAST! Certainly much better than the beta version was. :) I’m still having a couple of minor issues but I suspect it’s because I haven’t checked the port specifications lately and I’ll do that later today.

In other news it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Mia Linden has done one of her special occasion builds and there are Linden and Volunteer kissing booths (which will be open for business from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm SLT). If you spend the entire year yelling at Lindens I think you owe it to them to give some love at least one day a year and Valentines would seem the perfect opportunity. We all need encouragement every now and then. :) Here’s a schedule of Volunteers, if I find one for Lindens I’ll add it.

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  1. >ty for getting the word out.-ls/cm

  2. >my pleasure! :)


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